Being convenient means saving time and energy for everyone involved. Let’s take a look how Hot Lunch Online works for all the different users.
Parents enjoy the ease of use of Hot Lunch Online. From the simple login to the secure payment options it is intuitive. Parents can see where ther money is going unlike systems that you load an amount and it is deducted at point of sale (POS) The issue here is that parents don’t know what there kids are eating and how their money is spent. With Hot Lunch Online parents can help select the meals and beverages they want their students to enjoy. Parents can order anytime within the school’s parameters so there are not as arbitrary deadlines. Parents have the ability to credit their accounts within the guidelines set up by the school. The menus are easy to read, contain complete descriptions and may be printed at home. Of course it’s easy to check your order on line and save paper.

For schools that use Hot Lunch Online the administrators love the online features of parents setting up their own accounts and placing their own orders. There is no paper menu to copy and distribute saving time and money. There are no more checks to collect or lunch money to be deposited in the bank and no more problems with checks clearing the bank. Creating menus is easy and fast with the Meal Builder feature.The school administrator can create the daily user list with one click and print or email the lists. Schools can also communicate with the parents via the NEWS section and also with the automatic email list.

Food providers such as caterers benefit by having a clear concise kitchen production report to help with ordering and prepping information for the school meals. It keeps tracks of multiple menus, different portion sizes, beverages and addons. Caterers may link the site to their web sites to increase visibility.
Caterers can have the funds directly deposited for quicker pay and sell meals months in advance. Menus are fast to build and edit.

Students will know what they are getting and depending on the schools policies can order emergency or last minute meals.