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USDA Compatible

Compatible with the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) for confidential free and reduced cost meals.


256-bit encrypted SSL.  State-of-the-art data center.  Your data is safe with us.


If it suits your needs, let Hot Lunch Online assist with customer service.

Free Upgrades

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All the features you need


  • Unlimited number of schools, grades, campuses
  • Supports Breakfast, Lunch, and ala-carte
  • Unlimited number of meals per day
  • Unlimited number of portion sizes
  • Supports custom menus per school
  • Cascading pricing
  • Generate powerful reports
  • View business-critical metrics
  • Advanced user management
  • Publish updates and news to your clients
  • Families need only one login
  • Fully white-label compatible, to brand just like your business
  • Mass email reminders to your parents
  • Desktop, tablet and mobile friendly web interface
  • Integrated ordering with SYSCO

Truly affordable

Most online ordering systems charge a flat percentage of gross sales. They typically range from 3% to 7%, and they typically include your credit card or gateway fees. Credit card fees are usually based on a transaction fee plus a percentage of gross sales. When the ordering software tacks a percentage on top, the school or caterer now has a fixed increase on gross sales of 3%-7%. At Hot Lunch Online we are a little different. Our low price of .09 per meal is separate from your credit card fees or gateway fees. Plus, we offer free add-ons with a meal purchase. When a student orders a meal and a milk on the same day, we only charge 9 cents. If you are paying 3%, you pay 3% of the meal price and 3% of the milk price. The school or caterer may also add a service fee onto the menu cost to cover the fees if they choose.


Full suite of on-demand reports

  • Production sheet – Excel spreadsheet with one day per worksheet, containing the totals for every School on that day
  • School order list – List of every user and their purchases for a given School and time period
  • School sales report – List of total sales for a given School and time period
  • School order summary – Total number of meals ordered each day of every menu item type for a given time period
  • Account email list – List of email addresses for bulk mailing
  • Transaction list – View details of every transaction in the system
  • Statement details – Hot Lunch Online statement detail and explanation of how monthly fees are calculated
  • Menu item list – Printable list of all menu items in the system
  • Free and reduced meal report – Counts of Free/Reduced/FullPay meals by School
  • Action log report – Log of some of the important actions that can occur in the system.
  • Balance report – Reporting on Account Balance.
  • Cart report – Reporting on Shopping Carts.
  • Shopping List – Generate a list of ingredients by vendor.

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