Most online ordering systems charge a flat percentage of gross sales. They typically range from 3% to 7% and they typically include your credit card or gateway fees. Credit card fees are usually based on a transaction fee plus a percentage of gross sales. So when the ordering software tacks a percentage on top the school or caterer now has a fixed increase on gross sales of 3%-7%.

At Hot Lunch Online we are a little different. Our low price of .07 per meal is separate from your credit card fees or gateway fees. If a meal cost $2.50 you will pay.07 which is 3%. However when meals cost more let’s say $4.00 than that .07 fee is only 1.75 percent. This is a significant savings on a 3 fee, however it is a HUGE savings over a 7% fee.

The other significant savings is by having free add ons with a meal purchase so if a student orders a meal and a milk the fee of .07 is on the meal only. If you are paying 3% you pay 3% of the meal price and 3% of the milk price.

The school or caterer may also add a service fee onto the menu cost to cover the fees if they choose.

When you take a close look Hot Lunch Online is the best developed and least expensive option to purchase meals online.